Become a “Tropical Slush” Distributor!

Enjoy the freedom of running your own business!

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'Tropical Slush' allows interested, enthusiastic, motivated people to enjoy:

  • Low upstart costs
  • No franchise fees or percentages
  • No area restrictions
  • A quick return on your investment
  • A business as small or as large as you want it to be
  • Short flexible working hours
  • A business that can easily be run from home
  • Great profits

By joining our successful team of “Tropical Slush” distributors you will receive in-house training on our straight-forward, easy-to-run machines. You will have the benefit of working for yourself under the banner of an established, expanding and highly reputable slush drink company.

There are still limitless opportunities out there for potential distributors and the list of possible locations for your business is simply endless! (Why not click on potential sites to get an idea?)

Like to find out more about how you can become a 'Tropical Slush' Distributor?

Take the next, easy step today by calling 02 9521 1530 for more information or click here to email us for an application form.

And let the world of “Tropical Slush” open doors for you!