How do I get “Tropical Slush” installed in my school or business outlet?

Its simple! Just call “Tropical Slush” on 02 9521 1530 today and we can arrange a time that’s convenient for you to come and install your machine.


How often does the machine need to be cleaned?

For optimum hygiene, your ‘Tropical Slush” machine should be cleaned once a week. You may find other suppliers of slush machines claiming that their machines require less frequent cleaning but we here at ‘Tropical Slush” feel that hygiene and customers’ health are number#1 priorities! (We’re sure you’d rather be served a slushie from a clean machine!)
On installation you will be shown how simple it is to clean your machine.


Are school canteens allowed to sell “Tropical Slush?”

Absolutely! In NSW the School Canteen Association has imposed very strict dietary guidelines for foods and beverages which can be served in NSW school canteens. “Tropical Slush” has been awarded the NSW School Canteen Association “healthy tick” allowing our slushies to be served in all schools on a daily basis. (Currently, we believe that other States are going to follow the guidelines of the NSW canteen Association).


Is the “Tropical Slush” machine easy to operate?

Very! Our brand of machines is currently installed in 1000’s of sites all over Australia and the world and largely operated by people who, in their own words, are not “mechanically-minded!” On the day of your installation a member of our “Tropical Slush” team will carefully take you through the running of your machine. And remember, we are always happy to assist you over the phone with any concerns you may have.


How long does the product take to freeze?

Not long. Approximately 45 minutes from “overnight mode” (refrigeration mode). From room temperature the product will take about 1 1/2 hours. (Please note these times are a guideline and may vary a little depending on the heat and humidity of the day.)


Can I mix “Tropical Slush” flavours together?

Absolutely yes! You can have lots of fun mixing flavours together to create a whole new array of taste and colour combinations. For example, if you mix Blue Raspberry (blue) with Kiwi Strawberry (red) you’ll get a ‘slurpicious’ cocktail of fruits in an irresistible shade of purple! The possibilities are endless – the main thing is to have fun!


Can I layer “Tropical Slush” flavours and colours in the same cup?

Yes! Yes! Yes! There is nothing as much fun as drinking a multicoloured slushie. For the ultimate fun, iced treat why not layer 2 or more flavours on top of one another (i.e. red on bottom, blue on top). You’ll not only get a delicious mix of flavours through your straw but kids just LOVE the way they look!

8. Can “Tropical Slush” be served as an alcoholic drink?

Yes! Whilst our company “Tropical Slush” is not licensed to serve alcohol, our machines can be hired for any Special Occasions -parties, 21st’s, reunions, birthdays etc. We can provide you with the “Tropical Slush” product and you can add your own of selection of alcohol to create that sophisticated twist or wicked cocktail! The choice is your’s!