“'Tropical Slush' is such a success at our school we had to make a slushie roster so nobody would miss out! The kids love the different flavours and will buy slushies all year round.” - Janet Kershaw

“The juice consumption went through the roof. There is no way we would have the turnover on juice sales to equal our 'Tropical Slush' sales – especially on those hot Summer days. Even the teachers enjoy it!” - Julie Shields

“The kids love it. It’s a product that sells itself at all times of the year. With a slushie machine you can always be guaranteed of sales even on those slow days.” - Stephanie Morrison

“Continues to be popular even in Winter months. Children at our school get a free 'Tropical Slush' when they receive a Principal’s Award. This is a great promotion for our canteen.” - Sandra Velossi

“'Tropical Slush' is a real hit with all the students, especially during Summertime” - Marie Ward

“Kids love it in Summer.. Easy to use. Machines easy to maintain.” - Nicki Murphy

“The kids love the slushies particularly in Summer so this keeps our sales up when the demand for hot food is down. Your staff are always efficient, friendly and helpful.” - Janelle Hollands

“Slushies are a great way for the children to cool off and is a very accessible drink ( easy and quick for them). It has approximately doubled our sales in Summertime.” - Val Sinclair

“'Tropical Slush' has made many children and staff happy during the Summer months as it is very refreshing. It has also increased our sales.” - Carole Brigden